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A Little More Progress AND! A Lesson Learned...

today i painted and worked on another video.  i am having so muh fun making these videos and i am learning so much!  i'm getting fancier and more creative the more i figure out how to use everything.  please feel free to watch the youtube video below to see the valuable lesson i learned...  (grrr...)
have an amazing week.

two tangles and more playing with imovie

i'm trying to practice and try new things with imovie...  i'm getting better at this application and am already looking for alternatives to the very few themes it has to offer...  if anyone has suggestions i would be grateful (am looking for imovie themes if possible).
below is a quick imovie of me adding an additional zen tangle to my new painting...  i'm currently working on painting her hair and editing that as well...  her hair will be a deep deep purple and black...  i think she's going to be mainly black and white with a little bit of color here and there...  we'll see...  i don't really plan a lot out...  i'm going with the flow and listening to what she needs...

DEMO: Starting Painting #4 (new board/gesso)

new beginnings with painting #4 (special guest appearance)


she's done...  i still have to put topcoats on her and paint the sides but i signed her a moment ago and there is nothing left to do...  (yay!)
i've already started painting number four...  i'm putting down a base coat of white and then i'll show you images as i progress...  i'm very excited already!!  here are some images of my finished piece...  i hope you enjoy them.  have a great week-end!

working on hair tonight in my studio...

video meant to be played small, not full screen.  (sorry)


a couple of weeks ago i wrote a post about experimenting with some crackle paste i bought recently...  it took a lot longer to dry than i imagined!!!  it took about two weeks or so for it to fully dry and it still might be drying...  any ways, here are the results from my previous post:

so my next step will be to dry brush some pigment over some of the tops of these and i'll share the results from that too...  i think the thing that i learned from using this medium is that you really have to use a palette knife to apply the crackle liquid...  i tried using a paintbrush and it failed completely at first...  i later went back and used a palette knife and it made all of the difference in the world...    i wanted to share one more photo with you...  i've been experimenting with black acrylic thinned out with water...  i've been using a straw to create an effect and i made an accidentle bug!  someone pointed him out to me...  they said...  hey, cool bug.  i turned the paper a li…