a couple of weeks ago i wrote a post about experimenting with some crackle paste i bought recently...  it took a lot longer to dry than i imagined!!!  it took about two weeks or so for it to fully dry and it still might be drying...  any ways, here are the results from my previous post:

so my next step will be to dry brush some pigment over some of the tops of these and i'll share the results from that too...  i think the thing that i learned from using this medium is that you really have to use a palette knife to apply the crackle liquid...  i tried using a paintbrush and it failed completely at first...  i later went back and used a palette knife and it made all of the difference in the world...    i wanted to share one more photo with you...  i've been experimenting with black acrylic thinned out with water...  i've been using a straw to create an effect and i made an accidentle bug!  someone pointed him out to me...  they said...  hey, cool bug.  i turned the paper a little and said OMG!  it IS a bug!  that's so cool!!!  so here he is, just for you!

have a fantastic week!  the weather's going to be nice all week!  :)  xoxo kari


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