Day 1: Inspire Your Life In 12 Days

i'm participating in an online workshop called Inspire Your Life In 12 Days in hopes of allowing and finding inspiration in my new life.  the first exercise is about solitude.  i have been consciously spending time alone just listening and reconnecting to my intuition and inner voice.   i'm looking for healing, forgiveness and what's next for me in my life.  i feel so fortunate to be able to have this kind of time in my life right now.  i get to decide what's next and i'm happy to let it unfold each day along with the healing and forgiving myself for shoving what i've wanted down  (my passion, my art) in order to live a life that looked successful but that ultimately was not my passion.

so here's a photo of one of my favorite places to be...  in front of mother ocean...  she's been the most consistant thing in my life and she's always been there to forgive me, to listen to me or to just be with me.  she's been the biggest healing force in my life and i love her to pieces!

Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, WA

Also, here is a mixed media, sketchbook painting that I did that reminds me of water, sky and the beautiful colors of them both.   I'll use text when the pages dry a little bit more and share that later.


  1. Oh my... such a beautiful photograph of such a sacred space.. love that bench as it is a place that grounds you and gives you LIFE. Your art is fabulous.. I love circles too..and I love that you chose red and blue.. two very powerful colors! Beautiful!

  2. thank you for your sweet compliments, i find the bench very inviting! :) it is a very sacred space for me, for sure. it sounds like i'm not alone in our group. there's something so powerful about water and nature... i think it is a place or way to reconnect to ourselves. we all need a little more nature in our lives. :) i've been looking at your posts too of the sunsets in FL and have envied your view of the ocean! :) we have really good sunsets in seattle, along the pudget sound, too. i'm working on assignment 2.

  3. Hi Kari. I love the picture. It really says solitude and breathes peace and quiet. I agree with Bonita that it at the same time gives you grounding, the bench, which is also a thing you need to have, just like solitude. I'm looking forward to the completion of your artwork. Looks beautiful already :-)

  4. Hello Kari, this is so pretty and peaceful. I can feel the beauty and calm in this picture. What a nice spot to sit in and I think nature is very powerful and can change our moods and help us find peace each day. The artwork is wonderful too, strong colors and beautiful together too. I still need to do my artwork, so glad your enjoying class and got started on the prompts. Thanks for sharing!


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