Day 2: Inspire Your Life In 12 Days

this prompt is about inspiration and where you were when it hit. a couple of months ago i was working on a painting called "desir" i had gotten to the part where her hair is and froze in my tracks. i wanted her hair to be amazing, a focal point and i had no idea how i was going to do this. i started in with my brush, painting circles in her hair and did the whole first layer that way. for some reason i noticed a rubber textured tool sitting to the side that i had been playing with off and on in my sketchbook and decided to just be free and move it around on the circles i had just made... OMG!!! it made the coolest patterns!!! i kept going... inspiration had struck in playing and allowing and i ended up adding several more layers using this tool. i guess inspiration can sometimes be found in letting go, trusting and playing!
one of my happy places is in my home right now and especially my "artist's nook" as i call it. its where i paint my larger paintings and explore new creative ideas. i used to have a much larger space for creating but recently moved into a smaller place so i jokingly call this tiny space my artist nook. It truly doesn't matter how much space i have, only that i have enough to set up my easel, paints and paintbrushes.


  1. Looks like the perfect creating space to me... u are blessed!!!!!!! Love the painting, and u are right that tool is amazing! wow... love all your supplies! xo

  2. Hi Kari, I can't say how much I love your painting. It's beautiful. The part where you speak about inspiration, it's an amazing thing.
    Thank you for having us take a look at your pretty artists 'nook':-) Looking good!

  3. She is beautiful, love her hair!! When I make girls the hair is always my favorite part and always want it to be perfect and amazing! Glad you found something new to play with and it helped you get the result you wanted.
    How awesome that nook is, looks like you have everything you need!! ENJOY IT!


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