Day 3: Inspire Your Life In 12 Days

today's topic is about spontaneity.  early this afternoon i decided to hop in my car and drive up to edmonds, wa and go to a thrift store that i had not been to before.  while there i found all kinds of little items that made me laugh and reminded me of my sister (she lives about 3 hours + away in the next state so i don't get to see her very much).  i found a pair of high heeled cheetah boots that i took a photo of, for my sister, which did not come off the rack, just in case you're wondering.  i thought they were hilarious to think of wearing!  (a lot of people can pull this look off very well...  i am NOT one of them)  :)

i ended up finding a couple of sweaters and some good, thick cotton socks for winter AND a pair of red shoes. i've always wanted a pair of red leather shoes.  i will take a photo of them for another assignment coming up soon.  i love them.

after the thrift store i decided to drive down along the waterfront and find a parking spot.  i found a good spot and walked down to a little coffee shop where i decided to get a fancy latte that was the special of the day.  i usually only get a latte with no flavoring so this was definitely spontaneous for me.  i ended up getting the french toast latte.  it came with a little bit of whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top...  it was yummy.  i sat by the window and read my email while enjoying this rich little treat.  

i feel so fortunate to have my days to myself right now.  its wonderful to be able to just explore, take photos, experience the day as it unfolds without pressure to get back for something pressing.

below are the beautiful colors that i discovered today and some of my thrift store treasures too.

(sorry) i've been finding a lot of very cool bird poop art lately!  had to share!  :)


  1. Wow Kari, these are some awesome pictures! Your day was sure a lot of fun. The feather is beautiful :-) I also love the one with the alge on the stone.

  2. I love these pictures, what a great memory to keep of your day!! Laughed at the bird poop, that is awesome! Lots of colorful and happy things you saw!
    This is how I feel about my days too, so nice to have that freedom, I'm thankful daily for it. So happy for you and loved this!

  3. Your pics are rich and full of life. The latte one is my favorite.. it can be in so many little things where we find our GREATEST joys. xo Loved that you are taking this time for yourself... do it more often and you will find your days FILLED with so many blessings. xo


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