in a promotional video and in the studio today

i was asked to help out with a promotional video for microsoft's new conference center this weekend and i said, ummm...  yes!  (it helps to have your brother-in-law involved with this amazingly designed project)!  i had a lot of fun pretending i was in a very important meeting in the new conference center while they demonstrated all of the latest, super fancy schmancy microsoft technology and then relaxing with a cup of pretend coffee with my sister in their newly designed lounge.  i had so much fun and i can hardly wait to see the final product.
 quick snap photo courtesy tim larson (via facebook)
quick snap photo courtesy tim larson (via facebook)
photo courtesy our nice bartender at the pilot house/SEATAC airport!

its sunday and i'm in the studio today working with black india ink and some backgrounds i worked on several years ago painted with acrylic and painted on watercolor paper.  they've been patiently waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  :)
 photo by me
 photo by me

i hope everyone had a quiet and relaxing weekend!  

happy painting.

xoxo  kari


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