working on my online courses... phew!

i've been working on my online courses (filming and painting) almost every day.  i'm putting my whole heart and soul into this and i am enjoying the process so much.  currently, i am working on a foundational course that begins at the beginning.  it will cover claiming and decorating our sketchbook covers, how to draw a face, like where the eyes, nose mouth traditionally go on the face.  And then from there we will stray wildly from the traditional face on to making backgrounds and then pulling it all together to make our very first drawing/painting!  (you can do it!)

the other sketchbook drawing/painting online course i've been working on is about painting/drawing boldly.  this course has been so much fun putting together.  i have been painting in very big brave ways to bring you exercises for your sketchbook to get you out of your comfort zone,  out of your head and into amazing paintings with very bold colors and other brave bold uses of pen and ink!

i'm off to "the affordable art fair"!!  love to you and happy painting!!

xoxo  kari


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