a finished painting and a poem i like... just for you.

yesterday was a good day!  i finished my painting "tangled" (finally!) and today, i went to my local art store and spent my Xmas money on art supplies!  (thank you mom and dad!!!)

i now have another 36" x 48" board along with some new paints and graphite, water soluble pencils that i will dig into starting today (as soon as i'm done writing this post)!!

always at the beginning there is this space in front of me...  huge and blank staring at me.  i always feel excited at the possibilities and then the sheer terror of the unknown.  will i ever be able to produce anything again that is half way decent or was that last one it!  forging ahead into the unknown, playfully, joyfully and bravely beginning again.  this one will be number 5 in my beetle girl/goddess series.  i don't know her name yet but i will let you know when she does.  she may have an ocean theme of some sort.  i've been drawing mermaids lately, sea jellies, octopi... its a mystery to me right now and i'm excited to see what will come through universal creative flow.

and here's a poem that i really like.  its kind of reflective and melancholy maybe its about true love, mourning, letting someone gently into your soul... its by audre lorde:

"if you come as softly
as wind within the trees
you may hear what i hear
see what sorrow sees.

if you come as lightly
as threading dew
i will take you gladly
not ask more of you

you may sit beside me
silent as a breath
only those who stay dead
shall remember death.

and if you come i will be silent 
not speak harsh words to you
i will not ask you why, now
or how, or what you do.

we shall sit here, softly
beneath two different years
and the rich earth between us
 shall drink our tears."

have a lovely week everyone and stay safe and warm this new year's eve!  see you next year!!  :)

xoxo  love to you all and thank you for supporting my dream!


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