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2014 Vivid Life Studio Website Launch = SUCCESSFUL!

last saturday was a very special day for me and my creative business, i launched my new 2014 website (my baby) and was so thrilled with all of the love and support i received in getting my new site launched and out there on the world wide web! (to you!)  thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
thank you everyone for exceeding my expectations and making my new business really begin to soar! one of my goals is to never, EVER, ever (was that loud enough?) have to go back to the corporate world (sorry corporate peoples)... i'm not sure if this is possible yet but i am kicking ASS so far and have much, much more planned for this year! 
i took a few days off to go to mother ocean to reconnect and re-energize myself, mind, body and spirit. (i was pooped people!) today i am rested, buzzing with excitement and ready to take on phase II of my evil/creative business plan, which is about creating more work (painting, painting and more painting), more e-courses and then figuring out very inexpe…

Welcome Website 2014

NECKLACES, ART & PRINTS, oh my! (big artwork giveaway)

hello everyone!  to celebrate my brand new look (my big website reveal is this Saturday!!), i'm giving away necklaces, art and prints this week!  all you have to do is go to my blog and join my mailing list!  i will start randomly picking people that have signed up and then i will request, by email, where you'd like the artwork to be sent.  that's it!!!  
i'm excited to give away some of my handmade work and here is just a sample of some of the things i'll be giving away!     (good luck!)   :)

oh my goodness mayi carles!! you are the get organized queen!!!

i have been following mayi for many years now and am so impressed with her exuberance and smarts when it comes to getting us all organized.  i encourage everyone who is wanting a very creative, fun and content rich (holy COW!), "get your life organized" course, to check out her "life is messy" course.

here is mayi's video that gives all of the juicy details and here's to an amazing and super organized, creative 2014!  let's do this!!  :)

have a fantastic week everyone!

xoxo  kari