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Maggie "the kibble nibbler" Meowington-Young (August 1998 - March 11, 2014)

i am so fortunate to have been the proud kitty mamma of an amazing rescue kitty named, maggie.  from the moment i first met her there was a very strong bond between us.  she had an intelligence about her like no other kitty i've had.  she was my little princess pink pitties, my zshu zshu baby tiger, she loved to climb trees and smell the moss and the dirt outside.  she loved it when her kitty daddy would get out her favorite cheeta feather ball and play for hours with her.  she used to gently cup her paw over my eyelid when i was attempting rem sleep at night.  she would touch my lips with her paws if i was having a bad dream and was making noise, to wake me from a scary dream.  i used to ask her why she was so pretty and she would blink at me like she just was and there was no explanation.  i used to say you are my baby girl and your momma loves you so much.  you are my maggie maggie and that would take her over the edge of pure momma/kitty bliss.
she comforted me, she loved me,…