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ebb and flow...

photo by:  kari (me)

i'm here at a coffee shop in astoria writing and trying to calm my swirling, creative mind.  very recently, i decided to take a risk and make a big move to another town and another state (my birth state).  i've lived in seattle for the past 14 years and have never quite felt that i settled in like i wanted to (both personally and creatively) something's been missing.  i've been in a career that i chose that i was good at but did not bring me joy.  i would spend 8 hours or more a day, in a room, in front of a computer making other people (executives, deans and doctors) look good, regardless of my own happiness, health and sanity.

i finally stopped and i started looking inward at the whispers and what my heart truly wants and desires and although there's a lot that i truly love about seattle (especially all of my beautiful friends), what i crave is art, creativity, romance and connection... the ocean, the wide open beaches, the shells, the seafoo…