ebb and flow...

photo by:  kari (me)

i'm here at a coffee shop in astoria
writing and trying to calm my swirling, creative mind.  very recently, i decided to take a risk and make a big move to another town and another state (my birth state).  i've lived in seattle for the past 14 years and have never quite felt that i settled in like i wanted to (both personally and creatively) something's been missing.  i've been in a career that i chose that i was good at but did not bring me joy.  i would spend 8 hours or more a day, in a room, in front of a computer making other people (executives, deans and doctors) look good, regardless of my own happiness, health and sanity.

i finally stopped and i started looking inward at the whispers and what my heart truly wants and desires and although there's a lot that i truly love about seattle (especially all of my beautiful friends), what i crave is art, creativity, romance and connection... the ocean, the wide open beaches, the shells, the seafood, the small towns with the tiny galleries and the small protective, brave artist communities, the flowers that you can buy on the side of the road, the tiny little thrift shops and antique stores...  something a little more slowed down, something a little bit more about family and that feels like home.  and so i have made the leap, the stumble, the fall and i surf the ebb and flow of change and transition as i begin my new adventures...  and my new life.

 photo by:  kari (me)
 photo by:  frank (dad)
photo by:  frank (dad)  (me in the purple hat)


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