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alright people!  its time to start exercising again!!!  i caught a reflection of myself walking down the street in a store front window earlier today and yes! it did surprise me that it was actually ME wondering who that chubby woman was in the store...  (ouch!)  now don't get me wrong!  i am NOT! one of those people that thinks that i am fat or even minds being a little chubby (more of me to love, right?) BUT! i do want to stay healthy and yes i HAVE! let myself indulge in a lot of the amazing cuisine here in my new home town of Astoria as i've been adjusting to brand new peoples, culture and life in general (two moves/jobs just a few months appart!)  so, after having breakfast with my sister this morning, i immediately, walked up the hill to my new place, put my running shoes on, dusted off and then fired up the ol' Nike+ app on my phone (got my water bottle out too) and headed out!  i had not realized just how steep those F'ing hills are behind my home...  SERIOUSLY…