WIP: painting

hello everyone!  phew!  xmas is right around the corner and then we're done for this year!!!  2014 has been an incredibly transitional kind of year.  my sister's kids are growing up and leaving the nest (how dare they!!), my parents moved, my nephew moved, i moved (twice), new town, new job, new environment, new friends (yay!), new creatively supportive community new CRAZY weather (like tornado watches and huge wind storms!!), wildlife everywhere, rivers and the pacific ocean just down the road from me...  its all new and its all exciting!  I have never been so close to fulfilling my creative dreams as i am right now.   Look out 2015!!  here i come!!!  :)

I have started to paint again (starting last night!) and I'm not gonna lie...  IT FEELS FANTASTIC!!  :)  

i'm not sure what her name is yet...  she's just in the very beginning stages... if you want to make suggestions, feel free to comment below.  she is part of a continuing series of beetle girls and beetle goddesses.  i will post more images as i progress.

lots of love, healing and wellness and happy holidays to everyone!

 got everything sketched out and the first layer on

 adding some big red wall paper flowers

study done digitally last night before going to sleep


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