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First Zipper Pouch (ever!)

hello!  i have just finished (almost done with a second one now too) my very first zipper pouch made with my hand made mono printed fabrics (watched a youtube video on line and went for it)!  i couldn't believe i actually did it!  the most fun part was pulling it right side out and seeing the finished product... it was like christmas!  :)
my goal is to make more and then have them available on my etsy store and also for the Astoria Sunday Market coming up in May.  :)   coasters, healing monsters, zipper pouches...  i'm dreaming up my next item very soon...  and i'll let you know what i come up with.

Art Walk: My Art Up At La Luna Loca


healing monster: kirby

hello everyone.  well, its been several years now since i made any healing monsters. i've been thinking about them a lot lately so i think that it must be time to start making them again.  i get so much joy from making each and every one of these guys.  i love watching them form into little monsters and develop their own little personalities!
this is kirby.  he's a healing monster that i just finished this evening...  he was quite the ham while i was trying to get the perfect photo of him with the cute little heart in his pocket.  he especially wanted me to show you the doggie that he has on his back side.  he's for sale in my etsy shop if you would like to take him home for your very own.  

COASTERS: Hand Made Printed Fabrics

i'm excited to report that i have just finished my very first coasters ever!!  and they are for sale in my etsy shop if you would like to purchase them.  :)   they come in a set of four and are only $10!  fresh squeezed and ready to purchase by you!  hope you like them!  xoxo  kari

a few more pieces of fabric made from my class...

i've been taking a fiber arts workshop online and its been pretty darned fun!!!  its a totally different medium for me but i'm excited to expand upon what i've learned and see what i can make from the fabric pieces i've produced so far!  my goal is to make coaster sets, small blankets and maybe some other things like sketchbook covers...  we'll see how successful i am as i go along. 
OH! and another thing!!  i submitted my application to sell my artwork and other hand made items at the Sunday Market in Astoria (starting in May!) as a full-time vendor!!  hopefully, they will accept my application so i can kick some hiny there!!!  :)
xoxo  kari