a few more pieces of fabric made from my class...

i've been taking a fiber arts workshop online and its been pretty darned fun!!!  its a totally different medium for me but i'm excited to expand upon what i've learned and see what i can make from the fabric pieces i've produced so far!  my goal is to make coaster sets, small blankets and maybe some other things like sketchbook covers...  we'll see how successful i am as i go along. 

OH! and another thing!!  i submitted my application to sell my artwork and other hand made items at the Sunday Market in Astoria (starting in May!) as a full-time vendor!!  hopefully, they will accept my application so i can kick some hiny there!!!  :)

xoxo  kari
this fabric print was done by creating a hot glue gun stencil
 and a gelatin plate was used with fabric paints and a roller

this fabric was painted by hand with fabric paints on a gelatin plate


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