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Trying Out My Artwork On A Lumbar Pillow

hello! i'm starting to gear up with a new product line i've been working on all year long! i've got owlie cups centered around coffee themed art and now i've got a lumbar pillow, with empowering words that you can use as a throw or can be used for providing added support to the lower back, thus relieving or reducing lower back pain aggravated by prolonged periods of sitting.
i hope you'll take a quick peek at what i've got to offer so far.  my store will be growing by about two products a week until i have my store nice and full.
if you need gifts for upcoming birthdays or the holidays, please feel free to support an artist and small business first!
thank you for your support!

grumpy without your morning coffee peoples UNITE!!

i've been working on my etsy store again recently and i've finally come up with a way to use some of my owlies i painted recently.  if you would like to purchase a mug as a gift or for yourself...  please feel free to do so by clicking on the images above.  :o)
thank you!  
xoxo  kari